"He is skilled at locating the places that need attention"

"I have been receiving treatment from Raffi for over four years, the first two plus years weekly, and subsequently every other week.  During that time I'm sure I've been among his most challenging of patients, with problems relating to scoliosis, frozen shoulder(s), rheumatoid arthritis, spinal stenosis, and facet joint problems.  Over this time he has been instrumental in helping me maintain and improve my level of functioning, decrease my pain, and thus contribute to my general sanity.  He is skilled at locating the places that need attention, and works with levels of pressure appropriate to the area, checking in often to see how my response is.  He has taught me many stretches to incorporate into my daily life, which have reinforced my progress.  During my shoulder difficulties I had the standard PT, but it was not nearly as successful as the more comprehensive treatment with Raffi, because it did not address the tightness in my neck and back which were contributing to the problem.  His manner is positive and professional, combined with warmth and a good sense of humor.  In short, I consider myself most fortunate to have happened upon this excellent therapist."


"I had seen several specialists with no real progress..."

 "I am a long distance runner who first started to see Raffi almost a year ago for recovery from a double sacral stress fracture. I had on-going pain even after the fractures had healed and I had seen several specialists with no real progress. Raffi took the time to listen to the issues I was still grappling with and with orthopedic massage identified the reason for the chronic pain - ligament damage. He has helped tremendously in getting me back to being pain free. He is incredibly knowledgable, professional and provides specific exercises and stretches that I can do on my own as I progress which has proven invaluable. However, what really sets Raffi apart and, in my experience is very rare, is his personal commitment to helping you get back to pursuing your goals, which in my case is running marathons. My situation has been very complicated and that has only made Raffi more determined and supportive in finding the solution to getting me back to pursuing my passion for running.  I would highly recommend Raffi for anyone in need of orthopedic massage and/or trigger point therapy."


"Compassionate spirit...intuitive touch..."

"Raffi is a true healer. He is passionate about his craft, attentive to my concerns, and has a knack for finding and releasing tension and pain in my body. Not only does he address the problems I present with, but he also has a gift for troubleshooting areas that I’m not always conscious of, but that turn out to be integral to restoring alignment and well-being. His extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, his compassionate spirit, and his intuitive touch put him in an elite class of healers that’s rare in this world. Catch him while you can!"