Self Healing

How I connect to my self healing mechanism. (Try this at home.)

Take Five!'s all you.

The function of self healing is often overlooked and under appreciated.

Many times we need help to regain our balance, and health. We can also consciously work with our self-healing capacity to bring back, and maintain wellness by gifting ourselves five minutes to be present.

How did that cut on your knee heal without you paying any attention to it? What happened while you slept that allowed you to wake up the next morning “feeling all better?”

We all have a self healing mechanism. It is this mechanism that works its “magic” to mend our skin, resolve infections, and get us back to our version of healthy and feeling “good.”

We can learn to be consciously aware of our self healing function. The more space we make for our own healing, the quicker we will return to health. That’s my truth or somes theory anyway!

How I connect to my self healing mechanism. (Try this at home.)

1. First I stretch out a little. A little light movement on a foam roller or gentle stretching helps me settle my mind and avoid future fidgeting.

2. Then I get comfortable – sitting or lying on a comfortable surface (chair/floor.) Comfortable is the key word.

3. I gently close my eyes and start to literally feel by witnessing my breath. Then I keep my attention on my breath. When attention drifts away, I bring it back to my breath.

4. Once my mind is really settled onto my breath I expand my awareness of my breath to each part of my body. This is hard to explain, but if you practice you might feel how you can let your attention seep into the different areas of your body: chest, belly, legs, feet, etc. And then you can get more precise and feel into bones, blood, organs, muscles. I’ve had many adventures wandering through my cells, feeling my breath. Once you establish this practice you will begin to sense a cohesive energy behind all of these seemingly separate parts.

5. That cohesive energy feels like my self healing mechanism and I’ve adopted the term "Source" for which to describe.  Sometimes when I am very quiet, still, and focused, I can bring that energy to particular areas for the purpose of healing. It’s not always a quick fix, but I have had my share of what I contribute to miracle healings. I have had relief from muscle tension, eye twitches, pain, and mental/emotional anguish.

It’s not a guarantee, but sometimes it is the only option available – and it’s cheap!

I’d love to hear about your adventures in self healing and as always, wishing you the best in health.