Overcome chronic health concerns, pain, and stress through the effective and natural means of massage therapy in Watertown, MA.

Are you tired of living with aches and pains? Have you tried conventional or alternative medicine, but still have pain or discomfort? You've come to the right place!   

Beyond Massage

Kaivalya Bodywork of Watertown, Ma, goes beyond conventional massage therapy. I use remedial massage and neuromuscular re-education to improve posture, recenter energy, and complement one's unique cakewalk through life.
Though I am a licensed massage therapist and include focused massage therapy in all of my treatments, I have trained in many other ways to help my clients' achieve lasting results. Together, we can re-educate your body on how to walk, sit, and move, pain free! By balancing your bi-pedal system through the functional gait cycle, even chronic pain can be eliminated.

Do What You Love

Kaivalya Bodywork stands out by virtue of great love and dedication given to soothe soft tissues, raise body-mind awareness, and complement one’s unique posture in life. My goal for each session is to facilitate a freer range of motion and functioning, thereby giving you a greater sense of grounding for the body and mind.  Treatment results make it easier and more enjoyable to do the things you love.


My clients claim that my hands-on approach to releasing deeply ingrained patterns of tension and strain keeps their bodies flexible and adaptable - ( able to meet the daily stresses and changing demands of life).  Click testimonials to read what a massage and postural restoration clients have experienced with my work.

Diverse Massage Modalities & Treatment Methods

I use a synergy of modalities and disciplines that allow me to treat each of my clients in a truly unique and individualized manner. A full description of treatments offered at my Watertown office is here, but it includes: Sports MassageNeuromuscular Trigger Point MassageNeuromuscular Re-Education, Pregnancy Massage , Postural Restoration® and good humor.  All modalities are an added complement to chiropractic care, acupuncture, and/or physical therapy.  I also find it valuable to refer out and collaborate with some of Boston’s greatest interdisciplinary professionals when treatment outcomes are not being met.

It is my privilege to play a role in my clients' health and wellness.
Thank you for visiting, and I wish you good health. Please schedule online or contact me with inquiries.